The Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Society of Massachusetts (AOMSM) is a non-profit professional organization representing acupuncturists and acupuncture students.  The purpose of AOMSM is to support the integration of acupuncture and Oriental medicine into American health care, and to expand both access to and public understanding of Oriental medicine.  AOMSM also protects the acupuncture scope of practice by monitoring legislation and regulations that impact the practice of acupuncture.

2016-17 Board of Directors

Linda Robinson-Hidas, President 
Tim Eng, Treasurer
Amy Mager, Secretary
Naomi Alson
Allison B. Blaisdell
Wyatt LaCoss
Sherry Pai
Ian Gamble, Student Representative
  • Members of the Board are who remain in good standing by attending 8 of 12 meetings annually and participate in sub-committees are afforded: 50% off AOMSM membership.
  • Active AOMSM Board Members can earn a maximum of five PDA points in one year with a total of 10 points submitted per NCCAOM re-certification cycle.  A letter, printed on letterhead from AOMSM's president verifying participation, dates of service, and in what capacity should be mailed to the NCCAOM.

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