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ASM offers a variety of classes, meetings and events throughout the year. Details for upcoming and past events are listed below.

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Upcoming events

    • 06/03/2017
    • Boston, MA

    Boston Shanghan Lun Series


    Dr. Arnaud Versluys and the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine will be launching their flagship East Coast branch in Boston, beginning June 3-4 2017. The complete Diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine training spans 17 weekends over the course of 2 years. It is a unique combination of in-depth instruction on the theoretical aspects of Han Dynasty herbal medicine and hands-on transmission of a classical pulse system in a clinical setting. Participants will:

    • Examine the roots of the Shanghan Lun/Jingui Yaolue in earlier Han      Dynasty classics, including the Huangdi Neijing, the Shennong Bencao Jing, and the Yiyin Tangye Jing
    • Receive live clinical training in Tian family pulse diagnosis and formula modification, a system of profound clarity and practicality
    • Learn Fukushin abdominal diagnosis, which evolved in Japan around the use of the same Han Dynasty formulas
    • Explore perspectives on creating acupuncture treatments that dovetail elegantly with classical herbal formulas
    • Develop a high level of diagnostic skill and insight into the treatment of complex diseases

    The training is open both to licensed practitioners and to current Master's students. Each weekend is approved for 16 NCCAOM CEU's. Package deals for the first 8 weekends are currently on sale at, with early bird and ASM member discounts available.

    Dr. Versluys is one of the few Westerners to have received his full medical training in China. He spent a total of twelve years at the Chinese medical universities of Wuhan, Beijing and Chengdu, where he pursued his Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees in Chinese medicine. In 1999, Dr. Versluys met Dr. Zeng Rongxiu, under whom he trained in traditional Shanghan Lun discipleship for 13 years.

    Dr. Zeng was the last living disciple of the great Shanghan pulse master Tian Heming. During his long career as an internal medicine doctor in Chengdu, he synthesized a highly effective system of constitutional approaches to chronic illness. He was known for his unrelenting enthusiasm for clinical precision and the healing power of classical herbal formulas. Dr. Zeng passed the leadership of his lineage, his personal writings, and all Tian lineage materials to his main disciple, Dr. Versluys, and the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine, where his legacy is now secured for posterity.

    Dr. Versluys and his team of instructors have led trainings in a number of cities across the United States, Europe, and Australia. The Boston branch of ICEAM is the only training slated for the East Coast in the near future, don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the classics and enhance your clinical efficacy!

    • 06/11/2017
    • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Maverick Square Acupuncture 154 Maverick St Suite 201 Boston, MA 02128
    • 13

    Mini head-shot sessions with professional photographer Sonya Highfield!

    Sunday June 11th 11:00-3:00

    At: Maverick Square Acupuncture
    154 Maverick St., Suite 201
    Boston, MA 02128

    In today’s digital and social media marketing age, using a blurry, poorly lit selfie from your phone as your website or LinkedIn head shot just doesn’t cut it, but how many of us have the time or the resources to book ourselves a professional photoshoot to update our images?

    The ASM has you covered!

    On Sunday June 11th we will be offering mini photoshoots with fabulous Boston photographer Sonya Highfield, and we’ll have professional makeup artist Keyla Guzman of Skin Deep Beauty and Esthetics on site for touch ups and makeup application advice if so desired.

    COST: $125.00 includes 15 minute professional photoshoot, with lighting and against a backdrop, make-up touch ups by professional makeup artist if desired (please note this is NOT a full makeup application, touch ups and fine tuning ONLY) and 2 digital images. Additional images will be available for an extra $25.00 if desired.

    Payment must be made in advance and sessions will be scheduled in advance.

    Cancellations, changes to the schedule and refunds will NOT be available after May 31st. Refunds before May 31 will be accessed a $10 reprocessing fee.

    Space is limited to 15 participants and is expected to SELL OUT!



Past events

05/15/2017 Acupuncture Day at the State House
01/22/2017 AOMSM Board meeting/ in person
12/14/2016 AOMSM Board meeting
12/14/2016 Legislative Task Force/ in person meeting
12/05/2016 Meeting Dry Needling Task Force
10/26/2016 Acupuncture Day at the Massachusetts State House
10/22/2016 Billing Basics For the Acupuncture Practice
07/22/2016 July 22, 2016 Potluck BBQ, Social Networking
04/03/2016 2016 Annual Meeting
02/24/2016 Wednesday February 24/ Day on the Hill
11/17/2015 Legislative Hearing "An Act Relative to the Safe Treatment of Pain" HD2006
10/20/2015 Legislative Hearing HB 930
09/29/2015 Legislative Hearing SB1231
08/29/2015 Basic & Advanced Billing Classes
05/08/2015 AOMSM Visioning Day
03/22/2015 AOMSM Annual Meeting
02/24/2015 Visit Your Legislator Feb. 24 & 25
01/22/2015 Call Legislators ask them to sponsor Bills
10/24/2014 AOM Day October 24, 2014
08/22/2014 Potluck BBQ, Social Networking
07/08/2014 Please call or email your state representative. Ask them to support "An Act Relative to the Practice of Acupuncture"
03/16/2014 AOMSM Annual Membership Meeting
11/19/2013 Bill Hearing-An Act Relative to Acupuncture
11/07/2013 Boston Networking Social
10/24/2013 AOM Day 2013
10/08/2013 Legislative visits, phone or in person, Oct. 8 thru Nov 15
09/28/2013 Acupuncturists Without Borders, "Healing Trauma" Training
05/21/2013 Networking Social
05/14/2013 Networking Social
10/19/2012 TCM World Foundation Conference
07/26/2012 Dry Needling Issue! Monthly Meeting for Board of Registration of Allied Health Professionals
06/02/2012 Acupuncture Without Borders - Healing Community Trauma
05/06/2012 AOMSM Annual Membership Meeting
03/25/2012 AAC Advanced Insurance Seminar--register with AOMSM Discount
10/20/2011 TCM World Foundation Conference
10/11/2011 Showing of "9000 Needles" in Beverly, MA
06/05/2011 AOMSM Annual Membership Meeting
05/15/2011 Showing of "9000 Needles" at the Berkshire Film Festival
05/13/2011 "Whole Medicine: Teaming Up for Our Patients"
04/09/2011 Sharon Weizenbaum Presents: Insight and Skill in the Treatment of Modern Diseases with Chinese Herbal Medicine
10/31/2010 AOMSM Legislative Summit
10/14/2010 TCM World Foundation Conference
06/13/2010 Basic Insurance Seminar
05/23/2010 AOMSM Annual Membership Meeting
05/23/2010 Conscious Acupuncture Marketing
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